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After so many years of working in the corporate world, the Chairman ran his own financial business for many years. As the cheating and ineptitude continued to escalate he decided to take a sabbatical to be a bus driver for 5 years to live “in the real world”.

 It was there that the Chairman discovered that one way or another we are all surrounded by the levels of incompetence to which so many people aspire and rather frighteningly achieve. Whether it’s big multinationals staffed by people who treat customers like they are a pain in the butt or jobsworths dreaming up stupid rules and regulations to protect us…sorry I mean protect their jobs.

So the Chairman decided to look more closely at the issues that surround us today. What he discovered is really very frightening, but the truth what s we have known it for so many years but didn’t really want to admit to ourselves………the lunatics really do run the asylum…….well not all of them of course but far to many for comfort.

 Perhaps the Chairman is just a grumpy old man, perhaps he’s had enough, perhaps he wants to get things off his chest, or maybe he thinks that he should take a stand. Either way, the end result is the same, a website dedicated to honest opinion and truth…

Its not about slagging people off, or abuse, its about the lack of integrity in the modern world and one person feels about the things that go on around us and effect our world whether good or bad…….We must also give credit where it’s due, and comments form subscribers will be allowed provided they don’t break the law or website rules……

So Affaris is there to hear your feedback as well as give an honest opinion of what’s happening in our world

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