Can someone please explain to me why politicians are so concerned about the possibility that Scotland might vote for Independence?

We invade other countries, support minorities, and even endorse economic sanctions in order to “ensure that democracy rules”. If the Scottish people vote for a life outside of the UK then let them. Why are all the major parties apart from the SNP so determined to keep Scotland in the UK? Is there something they’re not telling us.

In the broadsheets there are letters to the editors explaining how this would lessen the British presence on the world stage and would diminish our overseas image. How? Why?

Most other countries and their residents couldn’t care less about England or Scotland. In fact most English people don’t care about Scotland.

Sometimes in life people want to stand on their own two feet. The response should be;

Are you sure about this? Yes ? Okay go ahead.

I think it will be interesting to see all the Scottish MPS leaving Westminster, to see border controls in place, and to see Scotland’s 5 year application for EU membership rejected.

I love Scotland and Scottish people, but I don’t need Scotland to be in the UK……but then I haven’t got any vested interests. I won’t be seen as the Prime Minister responsible for a smaller empire, or the Queen with a diminished realm.

But neither would I like to be a Scot living in an independent Scotland with a leader as egotistical and in my opinion mad as Alex Salmond.

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