have recently been involved in the aftermath of a couple of rather unsavoury incidents at our local swimming pool.

On the same day a friend of mine had her bottom touch by a male swimmer as he picked her up in the water and threw her across the swimming lane, and shortly after a female swimmer known in the Sports Centre to have issues (I personally suspect she is bi-polar) pushed my friend’s head under the water completely out of the blue. Although these incidents reported to the lifeguards at the time no action was taken; in fact, my associate was told to “grow up” and just carry on swimming. The management of the pool are now consistently denying that anything untoward happened and will not let anyone see the CCTV footage.

Needless to say the lifeguards were men and all the Managers at the pool are men as well

The incidents were also reported to the police. Now you might think that the local Safer Neighbourhood police would take this kind of thing more seriously. Wrong. They completely ignore the sexual touching in the swimming pool, in fact they did not actually log it as a crime. They then lied about seeing the CCTV footage of the incidents. Twice. They then accused my friend of make up two stories, and had the audacity to accuse my friend of questioning their integrity when she asked nicely if they had seen the right video.

I can’t comment too much about this matter as Senior Police Officers are likely to get involved as a result of the complaints that have been made. But my message is clear. Ladies, don’t expect any help from the police or large male dominated organisations as clearly they regard sexual abuse and physical assaults on women to be acceptable, at least in London.

And yet we call ourselves a civilised society and criticize other countries and their attitude to human rights.



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